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E.B. Lorow is a woman of many talents. She is not only an author, but also an artist. She has created her own book covers and designs book covers, ads, business cards, etc for others! 

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Lighthearted, smart, and snarky... Just what you were looking for!

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Elisabeth grew up in Massachusetts and spent most of her life in the Boston area. She went to art school and nursing school, then eventually after taking a few more courses convinced the University of New Hampshire to give her a degree in behavioral science. She worked as a psychiatric nurse for several years and believes in the healing powers of laughter and love.

She is an award winning author of several romance novels published under a different pen name.

She recently made her longtime dream come true, living in Coastal Florida with her amazing superhero husband and their two lovable cats.

New Release!  7/31/22   THE ELF PRINCE AND PROTECTOR    ISBN# 978-1-7346660-7-6  Order from stores or libraries or go to my contact page to order from me!