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 Hey, authors and publishers!

 My exclusive covers are pre-made. I will add your title and name, plus a bonus surprise!

Your cover will never be resold to another buyer!

If you have any questions or requests, email [email protected], or friend me on facebook and send a private message.

Often writers need a prompt to kick their imaginations into gear--especially if they've been writing a while. As an author I've found pictures and titles inspiring. Let my covers inspire your book, then grab the cover. You're halfway there! (Titles can be changed.) 

Even though Imagination Unlimited Book Covers are shown by genre, some covers can fit different categories and are not repeated on other pages. Check them all!  I'll even adapt them to merchandise like t-shirts and posters if you like the image! 

For my protection and yours, I prefer payment through PayPal. Here's my direct link: PayPal.Me/ImaginationUnlimited 

Credit cards can be used with PayPal.

Here are just a few of the premade covers I have. See more go to the Cover Prices and Blog page!

If you are interested in something special, like using an image you already own (Be sure you have the rights to use it first!) ask me about making a cover with it! I'll do it for the premade price, if it doesn't need major changes!


When my graphic artist took an emergency leave before my next book cover was completed, I confess I panicked. I looked around and had the good fortune to discover Elisabeth B. Lorow’s business, Imagination Unlimited. She volunteered to step in and help me. She was excellent to work with. Elisabeth listened to my concerns and needs and sent me a draft cover. We quickly went through a round of revisions, during which Elisabeth was patient, friendly, and professional. The result was a beautiful cover ready for publishing. I highly recommend her.

Nora LeDuc, author