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Book covers by Imagination Unlimited! 

I am making premade book covers! See what's available by genre. YOUR name and YOUR title will be added to the samples on the genre pages! I've enjoyed making my own bookcovers (below,) and now I'd like to offer my designs to others. It looks like my Mass College of Art education will be utilized after all!

Inquiries or orders can be made by email. [email protected]

All my Premade covers will be exclusive... meaning, I'll sell it only once. As soon as you buy it, I'll add your name and title and take it off the market. 

I'll offer two bundle options. ebook bundle or print bundle.

(I joined a group that requires book cover designers to charge at least $60.) Plus, I'll toss in a couple of free eye-catching ads to help you promote your book!

1) ebook bundle = exclusive ebook cover, plus 2 professional graphics for online ads. $60

2) print book bundle = ebook cover; plus print cover (front, back, and spine to fit the exact page count of your formatted book;) plus 2 professionally designed ads for $100. 

More ads: $5 each. Optional bookmark design $25 additional.   

You can send me a private message via facebook 


or you can email me with any questions you may have.

[email protected] 

By requesting a cover, and receiving an invoice, you agree to the following terms of service. *The title and name can be changed, but font and font size may need to change to accommodate the length of words/name(s). If you don't like the font, I will work with you to find one you prefer. If providing your own photo with a person in it, you must have a model's release.  No custom artwork changes. No refunds. 

Example of a postcard, which can also be an online ad. This is sized for Facebook, but I can make it square for Instagram too! 

Sample Ad for multiple books​

Sample Ad for Available cover

Sample Business Card (already sold)

Sample postcard promos

I can design bookmarks, coasters, postcards, etc. for giveaways

Everyone loves swag! Readers and writers conferences are always looking for goodies to stuff their welcome bags with.  Let me work with you to design yours. I have years of experience making my own and can tell you were to find good deals, low minimums, etc.

My latest YA release! 

Shy J​enika Jones is a witch and an empath. At only 15 years old, she’s already experienced so much trauma she can’t stand any more. Her PTSD made her accidentally electrocute a classmate, and now she’s serving time in a magical detention center. 

Her stepfather doesn’t want her and never will. No wonder she wishes to become an emancipated minor and lead a simple quiet life. She contacts a spirit willing to help her forge the necessary emancipation documents, if she’ll temporarily switch places with him. Unfortunately, she discovers too late that she’s freed a poltergeist. She manages to escape, but then she has to face the consequences.​

Fellow inmate Patrick Hightower fancies himself a modern day Robin Hood. He steals from the rich and gives to his mom. But when Jenika crashes into his life ‘on the outside’, he has to help her run from magical bounty hunters. After all, she helped him get through magical juvie. Turns out, Patrick’s good looks, bad jokes, and daring are the breath of fresh air Jenika didn’t know she needed.  

How you can help small businesses like bookstores

Small businesses will be hurting for a while. Many Indy book shops were barely making ends meet before the pandemic! It’s times like these I wish my magical characters could come to life and use their superpowers! But we can all use our own superpowers of love and kindness. Here’s how you can support your local bookstores.

1. See if they have an online ordering option and contactless delivery. Some stores are coming up with innovative ways to keep readers happy! i.e. Barnes and Noble has online ordering and curbside pickup!

2. Buy physical books, if you can afford them. You can donate them to a nursing home after you’ve read them and this pandemic is over. Oh yes, this too shall pass!

3. Buy gift cards. The money could be used now to keep the store afloat until people are out and about again. Plus you’ll make somebody’s day! Who doesn’t love a surprise gift in their mailbox?

If you want to ask your store to order my Don’t Mess With This Witch, I would love you for it. Here’s the ISBN #: 978-1-7346660-0-7. Or Live and Let Witch ISBN#1-7346660-4-5 They can get it from the Ingram distributor, and can have it sent straight to you from the printer. They don’t have to open the store and they still get their cut!