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Sailing camp is supposed to be fun, but for six teens stranded on an island in the Bermuda Triangle, survival becomes much more important than fun.

They must overcome not only a lack of resources, but also supernatural interference by mermaids and sprites, who have their own hidden agendas for the humans. 

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Young Adult Books

Don’t Mess with This Witch

Book 1, The Witches You Were Warned About duo

Author: E.B. Lorow

Magical Realism for ages 13+

ISBN: 978-1-7346660-0-7

Format: 8X5 Paperback

Publication Date: March 31, 2020

Pages: 342 pages

List Price: 14.99 IngramSpark

Other formats available (ebook and large print)

Teen witches in magical juvie, because they really messed up!

Genevieve Howe, a 16 year-old witch, is not a bad kid, she’s just a really lousy witch. Sometimes her random thoughts unintentionally turn into actual spells, causing all kinds of trouble.

Now the administration can’t find a student/inmate who escaped, but perhaps Genevieve can. Why her? Because even though there’s something ‘wrong’ with Genevieve, she seems to be able to do what others can’t. If she can find Logan, will she turn him in, join him on the run, or find some other way to help without violating the code of honor among magical misfits?


“I love the fantastical and mysterious nature of this book. The humor is perfectly done and blends all together to make a memorable read.”

 Tina for Redz world Reviews

Universal link to most online stores except Amazon: http://books2read.com/DontMessWithThisWitch

Amazon: http://amzn.to/3LS1kBf

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Live and Let Witch   

Book 2, The Witches You Were Warned About duo

Author: E.B. Lorow

Magical Realism for 13+

ISBN: 978-1-7346660-4-5

Format: 8X5 Paperback

Publication Date: 10/1/2020

Pages: 350 pages

List Price: 14.99 IngramSpark

Other formats available

E.B. Lorow  [email protected]

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She has two strikes against her, but one powerful asset… Herself!

Shy Jenika Jones is a witch and an empath. At only 15 years old, she’s already experienced so much trauma she can’t stand any more. Her PTSD made her accidentally electrocute a classmate, now she’s serving time in a magical detention center. Her stepfather doesn’t want her and never will. No wonder she wishes to become an emancipated minor and lead a simple quiet life. She contacts a spirit willing to help her forge the necessary emancipation documents, if she’ll temporarily switch places with him. Unfortunately, she discovers too late that she’s freed a poltergeist. She manages to escape, but then she has to face the consequences.

Fellow inmate Patrick Hightower fancies himself a modern day Robin Hood. He steals from the rich and gives to his mom. But when Jenika crashes into his life ‘on the outside’, he has to help her run from magical bounty hunters. After all, she helped him get through magical juvie. Turns out, Patrick’s good looks, bad jokes, and daring are the breath of fresh air Jenika didn’t know she needed.

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This is the second young adult novel by an award winning, multi-published, romance author writing under a different pen name. She was a Registered Nurse for twenty years in the Boston area, now she's living happily ever after in Coastal Florida with her superhero husband and two lovable cats. You can contact elisabeth via email: [email protected] or with a facebook private message: facebook.com/elisabethlorow

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