E.B. Lorow

Magical realism for all ages 



Make a notebook for your favorite writer (or yourself) so those gems of inspiration don't get lost whenever they hit!  

Authors, composers and poets have ideas strike at the strangest times. 

Believe me, I know! 

The smart ones keep a notebook and pen handy. I've actually jumped out of the shower to jot down a funny line before I forgot it! 

Some authors have been startled right out of a dream and MUST get that idea down before it disappears! Did you know the Twilight series was born from a dream that Stephanie Myers had? Imagine if she'd never written it. How many tweens would have missed reading and rereading their favorite books?

Here's a design that will make your favorite writer laugh and appreciate your gift even more! Authors! Change it to another image for your own inspiration or brand. Let your imagination run free! Below are just a few ideas.