E.B. Lorow

Magical realism for all ages 



Tote Bags

Different sizes, colors, styles. There are also backpacks, duffles and cooler bags. Be sure to check them all out

An Idea Is Born

I enjoy creativity in all its forms. I loved writing for several years, but as my neck injury turned into increasingly severe arthritis, I couldn't sit at my computer for long periods of time. I tried dictating my books, and the dictation software made some hilarious mistakes, but I still had to sit at the computer to read back and edit what I had written. It turns out I can create fun memes, book covers, and products much faster--especially as I get more experience.  

Give me a try

I'm not going to pretend I can create something specific and detailed from scratch. I'd have to sit at the computer for hours to do some of the incredibly intricate work I've seen professional graphic artists do. But if you have the design, or a stock image, I can make some awesome promotional materials to show it off!